Tina Fey And The Ladies Of ‘SNL’ Get Some Help From Nicki Minaj To Sing ‘The Friendship Song’

When Nicki Minaj drops a line like, “Let’s punch her in the face and take her jewels,” you know the ladies of SNL aren’t messing around. This sketch was cut for time but combines the feel of girl power, pure venom, and a musical style that sounds very similar to the Haim sisters. The main idea here is coming to the aid of your friends by tearing somebody else down, usually by any means necessary.

While it isn’t solely a female thing, the ladies here take pride in sniping at those who are bringing their friends down a bit. And that’s what friends are supposed to do, even if it causes trouble, is misguided, or plunges the world into conflict. You have to stand up for your friends and allies, usually by trashing some nameless fool who doesn’t even know what’s coming.

Minaj is the standout here because once she arrives on the scene, sh*t is on. While the rest of the song is kinda lacking energy, you soon realize it is just because Nicki gobbled it all up and is ready to unleash it on some woman she has never even met. She’s haterous and it’s beautiful, the kind of friend you want to keep locked in a trunk in your basement because she’s just that devastating. You can’t let her out roaming free, it’s too dangerous. She’s like the Hulk.

(Via SNL)