Solange Is Dropping A Remastered Director’s Cut Of Her Artistic ‘When I Get Home’ Film

Solange’s latest album, When I Get Home, was a surprise release in 2019, and what fans also didn’t expect was the film that accompanied it. Now, the film has been given a new coat of paint in celebration of its two-year anniversary, as Solange has shared a remastered director’s cut of it via The Criterion Channel.

The Criterion Channel describes the film, “Accompanying her acclaimed 2019 album of the same name, the film taps imagery of her hometown’s (Houston, TX) culture with flights of surrealism spotlighting Black cowboys, space, futurist worlds, and ritualistic movements that characterize evolution as a recurring presence. Solange explores concepts of origin, fear, safety, and reclamation through the power of ancestral roots and the creation of one’s own kaleidoscopic universe.” It’s not clear how or if this version of When I Get Home differs from the director’s cut that was released in 2019 aside from having been remastered.

Along with releasing the remastered When I Get Home film through The Criterion Channel, Solange is also giving her fans some special treats. By heading over to her Blackplanet website, they’ll be able to view special screenings of performances and art installations that the singer has worked on since the release of When I Get Home. Solange also made available a digital quilt which features fan-submitted images and stories about how the album has made an impact on their lives.

When Solange initially announced the album, she was feeling amped up, tweeting, “Y’all! I’m filled w so much joy right now!!! Wow! I can’t thank y’all enough for this moment and for all the feelings i feel in my body! I’m bringing home w me everywhere I go yalll and I ain’t running from sh*t no more. Your love lifts me up so high. Thank you!”

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