Stef Chura’s Pummeling ‘Degrees’ Features An Assist From Car Seat Headrest

Deputy Music Editor

Ashley Shultz

Last year, Stef Chura released one of the better under-the-radar albums of the year in the form of Messes, which led to a Saddle Creek reissue of the record near the end of the year. The Detroit-based indie rock songwriter has an ear for a melody and isn’t afraid to turn up the volume, resulting in songs that are just as refreshing musically as they are lyrically.

Apparently, she caught the ear of a like-minded artist in the form of Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo. The two artists met up in Chicago while Toledo was making his just-released redux of Twin Fantasy and recorded a seven-inch that will be released on Record Store Day. Toledo plays both guitar and bass on the track in addition to playing the role of producer, but it says something about Stef Chura that she can rise above whoever is in the room with her and demand the spotlight for herself.

“Degrees” shows off two of Stef Chura’s strengths over the course of its five-minute runtime. During its verse, she is fragile and idiosyncratic, her voice striking a balance between lilt and yodel. But once it hits the chorus, she hits fifth gear for a pummeling display of fireworks. Check out the track below.

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