The Deluxe Edition Of The ‘Stranger Things 2’ Soundtrack Includes 15 Bonus Halloween Songs

With the release of the highly-anticipated second season of Netflix’s Stranger Things less than two weeks(!) away, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of S U R V I V E have revealed the sounds that will complement the visuals for the show’s next nine hours. The Stranger Things 2 soundtrack is a whopping 34 tracks long, featuring the return of the distinct, hazy synths that made the two-volume first installment a smash hit.

However, in addition to the soundtrack itself, Dixon and Stein have also revealed a deluxe edition that features 15 additional songs being billed as a bonus Halloween album. Gone are the days of playing “Monster Mash” on an endless loop as the trick-or-treaters roam the neighborhood, as Dixon and Stein have provided a half-hour of haunting and cerebral tunes that will be sure to induce the spooks within anyone that happens to come by. At the time of posting, the deluxe edition of the soundtrack is only available on Apple Music, as a second-disc addendum to the original 34-track album. Stream the entire soundtrack in full below here.

Netflix will unleash Stranger Things 2 on the world on 10/27. Check out the final trailer here and start organizing your viewing parties now.