The ‘Stranger Things’ Soundtrack Is Coming Out On A Cassette That Looks Like A Old VHS

Stranger Things captured the imagination of Netflix viewers with its pastiche of ’80s sci-fi and horror. So, it makes sense that a release of the soundtrack would try and pull in as many hallmarks of that era as possible. And that’s exactly what the retro new cassette release of the show’s synth-filled score will do.

The second release of the score by S U R V I V E will feature a cardboard cover that emulates old VHS sleeves. Inside, the case is made to look like a VHS tape and the cassette itself is that familiar shade of red that helped turn the show’s logo into a meme. The tapes will drop via soundtrack label Lakeshore Records on July 14, the one-year anniversary of the show’s premiere. The cassette will only be available via Urban Outfitters.

Take a look at the cassette and its throwback case below:

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