Maroon 5 And The NFL Are Donating $500K To Charity In Response To The Super Bowl Backlash

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After the upcoming Super Bowl became a magnet for controversy, the NFL officially announced a donation of $500,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters Of America today. People magazine reported that the NFL, Interscope Records, and halftime show performers Maroon 5 partnered to make the donation after Travis Scott revealed that he had arranged for a $500,000 charitable donation in exchange for his participation in the halftime show.

Travis met a significant backlash from both his fellow artists and fan community for agreeing to perform with Maroon 5 at Super Bowl LIII in spite of an ongoing boycott of the NFL due to its blackballing outspoken former quarterback Colin Kaepernick. As a result of Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem, the league met criticism and negative attention from media and viewers, which Kaep maintains is the reason he was never offered another contract, despite returning from injury in 2017. Travis later intimated that he’d spoken with Kaep about the performance and received his approval, but Kaep denied giving Travis the go-ahead.

In response, Travis announced he’d be making a $500,000 charitable donation to Dream Corps, a social justice organization working to lower incarceration rates and promote diversity in tech jobs. Maroon 5, in partnership with their label Interscope, seems to be following his example with their donation ahead of the Super Bowl, which airs this Sunday, February 3 at 6:30pm EST.