SZA Has An Explanation For Why Her Verse On Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs’ Might Be Tough To Understand

SZA has a couple of features on Drake’s For All The Dogs, on “Slime You Out” and “Rich Baby Daddy” (the latter of which also features Sexyy Red). “Rich Baby Daddy,” though, has apparently caused some confusion, which SZA has now addressed.

In an Instagram Story shared yesterday (December 27), SZA explained the story behind recording her contribution to the song, saying, “Y’all lmao I was sick w a fever n couldnt breathe when I recorded this and told @champagnepapi no one would understand me n I sound crazy. He said noooo ur fine anyways here’s the lyrics to RBD once n for all.”

She then clarified the lyric, writing, “‘You been so good and you deserve to end your suffering, I need good dick n conversation can you comfort me. I got a feeling this is more than what we both say I got a feeling this is more than feelings. I can’t let you get away .. feels good but it can’t be love . Ain’t a damn thing that I’d do ! Ain’t a damn thing oooooo’ just in case lmao love y’all.”

sza insta story rich baby dad

Meanwhile, SZA explained her musical origins in a recent interview, saying, “Some people choose music as a career, and they feel very certain about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, but I was never quite certain, and I really only did music to prove a point. […] When I started making music, it was to my ex-fiancé because he was paying for everything. My food, my clothes, where I lived, and he was eight years my senior, so I was so co-dependent.”