SZA Says She’ll Release The ‘SOS’ Leaks As Part Of The Deluxe, But Is Still Working On ‘Lana’

We have yet another update on SZA‘s upcoming album, Lana. Originally set to be an extended version of SOS, the seemingly mythical Lana has had fans waiting with great fervor. However, it looks like we’re still going to have to wait a a bit longer.

Earlier this week, the “Snooze” hitmaker said that as a result of fans leaking songs from Lana, she would be starting the project over. But tonight (March 26), it appears she’s had a change of heart.

SZA took to Twitter to explain to fans that she will, in fact, give the leaked material a formal release.

“Will be dropping the leaks and outtakes from SOS as promised as the deluxe asap,” SZA said. “Lana deserves more time and music no one’s ever heard before. seems fair. Bless.”

She continued, saying that keeping up with the leaks was very taxing on her, and decided that it was easier to simply share the material as a gift with fans, and for Lana to evolve as its own body of work.

“I decided w all the leaks and me not knowing what someone has or doesn’t have it’s too complicated so I should jus consolidate the leaks and the outtakes and drop that as to not prolong the process and then focus on my next project as a win win for everybody,” she said.

Now, as for a release date, we’ll believe it when we see it.