Takeoff’s Alleged Killer Was Denied A Second Bond Reduction From $1 Million

A Texas judge has denied a bond reduction request by Patrick Xavier Clark, the 33-year-old Houston resident accused of murdering Atlanta rapper Takeoff, according to Houston news. It was reported that at a hearing on Tuesday (December 27), Clark’s attorney Letitia Quinones requested to have Clark’s bond reduced from $1 million to $300,000 after previously having it dropped from $2 million. However, despite Quinones’ optimism that an appeal will eventually be successful, Judge Josh Hill has concerns — namely, that Clark could constitute a flight risk.

Those concerns are based on photos from Clark’s Instagram, in which he is seen holding large stacks of cash. He also had a “large amount of cash” on him when he was arrested, along with an itinerary for Mexico. This would seem to belie his family’s insistence that his job as a DJ couldn’t support the large bond amount; he also allegedly bragged on a jail phone that he could pay the larger $2 million amount. However, Quinones said that Clark complied with all of the judge’s requirements for a bond reduction, including securing a bonding service, completing an affidavit confirming his finances, and turning over his passport.

“We complied with every requirement that the judge asked of us, only to be told today that it will not be lowered,” Quinones said. “So yes, we are very disappointed, we disagree and we are surprised.”

Clark was identified as the potential killer after police found footage that appears to show him both holding and discharging a handgun at the bowling alley where Takeoff was shot in the head.