A Tattoo Removal Studio Has Offered To Erase People’s Kanye West Tats For Free

“I got a Kanye-related tattoo in 2016 and ever since he’s been the most colossal f*ck head on the planet,” read a tweet from Londoner Alex Jones (no relation). It seems as though reading Jones’ tweet has inspired London tattoo removal studio NAAMA to reach out to him and others like him and offer free tattoo removal services.

“Yeezy come, Yeezy go. Got a #kanyewest tattoo? Tag us,” NAAMA said on Instagram. It’s not hard to expect fans (former fans?) of West to regret their body art decisions following the rapper’s recent barrage of antisemitic remarks, his inexplicable tirade on why “White Lives Matter,” and then some. For Jones, he took NAAMA up on the offer to remove his tattoo of an alternative cover art design of the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. “It’s really kind of depressing to see someone that you like, who was your hero, start saying awful things about entire groups of people,” Jones told Metro UK. “So yeah, it’s been quite a sad journey.”


NAAMA Studio’s Briony Garbett spoke to Metro UK and said, “People with Kanye tattoos were coming to us and you could hear how triggering it was for them, how embarrassing and shameful they felt, given he’s been making the headlines for the wrong reasons.” Adding that, “I don’t think there’s any shame in people having got the tattoos in the first place.”

If you’re having second thoughts about that Kanye West tattoo you got way back when, NAAMA’s website is here.