Tayla Parx’s ‘Dance Alone’ Is A Groove-Driven Reflection On Human Connection

Dallas-born singer Tayla Parx captivated audiences with her mesmerizing vocals on last year’s debut album We Need To Talk, expertly blending R&B with cutting-edge pop. But Parx is already setting her sights on the future. The singer returns with “Dance Alone,” a shimmering effort designed to get listeners up on their feet.

With “Dance Alone,” a bass guitar opens with a funky riff highlighted by shimmering tones. Parx’s breezy vocals arrive, infusing the groovy beat with her lilting lyrical delivery. “‘Cause I don’t want nobody unless that somebody is you / If I had anybody I would want somebody like you,” Parx sings.

In a statement alongside the dance-ready track, Parx says the song is a reflection on the energizing nature of human connection, which is something many of us are missing right now: “‘Dance Alone’ is about that deep desire to connect with someone in order to cope. We all have that special someone who makes us feel things where we literally ache for them or feel for them. It’s about human connection, which we all desperately need right now, and how we realize we are not alone,” Parx says.

Listen To “Dance Alone” above.

Tayla Parx is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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