Taylor Swift Said She Went To ‘Cat School’ For Her Role In An Upcoming Film

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Taylor Swift recently graced the cover of Time magazine’s coveted Time 100 issue, the annual edition of the weekly magazine where they list the year’s “100 most influential people.” As part of the celebration of the issue’s release, Swift has emerged from her relative internet dormancy to take part in festivities, including an enchanting acoustic set at the Time 100 gala.

Swift also appeared in a special video for Time where she listed her “three biggest influences.” As one would expect, the answers she gave were somewhat revealing.

As her third greatest influence, the 29-year-old singer listed “Tumblr posts,” saying that she felt that the microblogging site gave her insight into what her fans were going through. “They’re very, very expressive [on Tumblr] and it makes me feel like I can know them better.” As her second influence, the Reputation singer gave a shout out to Paul McCartney. “He’s created unparalleled art, and, you know, probably been faced with more pressure than most people.”

Her final and greatest influence, however, was a bit of a curveball. It’s cats.

“The most influential factor in my life is cats,” Swift said. “I have cats, they are a real joy to live with. I love cats so much.” Taylor Swift outted herself as perhaps the world’s most famous cat lady. The feline praise didn’t stop there, though. “I went to cat school and learned how to be as much like a cat as I possibly could. Cats are very dignified… they’re independent and capable of dealing with their daily life. I really respect them,” the singer continued.

Before you let yourself get too carried away with the thought of Taylor Swift taking it upon herself to go to “cat school,” you should know that she was training for a role. Swift is set to star in the film adaptation of the famous Broadway musical Cats, which is expected to hit theaters this December.