Teyana Taylor Describes How Kanye’s ‘Fade’ Video Set Was Covered In Sheep Sh*t

Teyana Taylor managed to win the “sexiest moment” title at a VMAs award show that had Beyonce performing for several eons. But conditions on the actual set of Kanye West‘s Flashdance / Iman Shumpert homage were decidedly less steamy than the final product. According to Taylor, the set of “Fade” was absolutely covered in sheep sh*t.

In an interview with Vogue, Taylor was asked about the video’s Cat Face ending, but felt compelled to talk about the animals in the foreground first.

“Let’s talk about these sheep first, though. They were sh*tting all over the place—there was poop everywhere!” she said. “I was just looking at Ye, like Yo, I don’t know what you got going on, but I know it’s going to be good. Because you know with Ye, you just gotta trust him. He’s a genius and you know he just got something up his sleeve.”

Taylor added that the production schedule of the video only added to her confusion.

“I was very excited to do something different and artistic, but since we shot backwards, at first, I didn’t know what was going on. I thought, This crazy mother-effer. He’s got 15 sheep in this gym right now, with poop all over the place,” she said.

Taylor also revealed that Shumpert was a little skeptical about being in Kanye’s video at first (“[H]e was already like, ‘I know Kanye is probably going to have us doing some crazy sh*t'”), but that the couple are both pleased with how their shower scene together turned out. Taylor added that she felt that the scene worked so well because of the chemistry between herself and the Cavaliers guard.

“[Kanye] didn’t put me in a position where I was with a male model or male actor,” she said. “There was trust and comfort and protection because I knew I was with a person that I’m already becoming one with.” For Taylor, having Shumpert along for the ride even more special to her. “To have that moment with him, only made that moment so much sexier, so much more genuine, so much more pure. You felt it off the screen. When I watched it, I felt the love because it was something that I shared with my husband.”

Check out the whole interview over at Vogue.