The Internet Freaked Out Over Iman Shumpert’s Surprise VMA Appearance In A Kanye West Video

Iman Shumpert made his return to Madison Square Garden on Sunday. Well, kind of: the 2016 VMAs are taking place at MSG, and the former Knick made a bizarre appearance in the video for Kanye West’s “Fade” that no one saw coming. The video features Shumpert’s significant other, Teyana Taylor, dancing in an empty gym before going into the shower, where she stands with Shumpert.

It was an insane moment from a video just as crazy as you’d expect out of Kanye. It also led to people on the internet going wild, because no one could really believe that Shump actually showed up in the video.

A few people saw Shumpert’s cameo and had the same reaction: if he’s appearing butt naked in a Kanye video, it must be a good sign for the Cavs’ chances in 2016.

Some decided to make fun of Shumpert, pointing out that when he was on the Knicks, he never had a performance quite like this in Madison Square Garden.

But most people took a more optimistic view of Shumpert’s performance, noting that between this and the whole “he was on the team that won the NBA Finals” thing, he’s had one heck of a year.

  • The best part? Kanye tweeted out the video after his performance, so if you missed it (or if you want to watch it again), you can so above.

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