The National Are Releasing A Tenth Anniversary Edition Of ‘Boxer’ On Vinyl

07.20.17 12 months ago

Vinyl Me, Please

The Denver, Colorado-based vinyl subscription service Vinyl Me, Please has quickly established themselves as not only one of the best tastemakers in the game, but also as one of the best outlets to honor historical moments in music. Today, they’ve announced they’re doing just that with a tenth anniversary edition of The National’s seminal 2007 record, Boxer. It will be their Record of The Month for August 2017.

After collaborating with them to announce the first-ever vinyl edition of Fiona Apple’s Tidal, which I was honored to write the liner notes for, we’re happy to announce a brand new vinyl edition of what amounts to The National’s most beloved record. Although, they do have a new album coming later this year, and from the sounds of it, that record might be on track to dethrone the band’s previous work.

Back to the new edition of Boxer, though. It comes on a special edition grey vinyl, with a custom 12×12 art print by Philip Johnson, and includes a bonus 7” w/ tracks from the band’s forthcoming 2017 album Sleep Well Beast (“Guilty Party/The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness”).

Check out an unboxing video below to get a full sense of what the package will entail, and make sure to sign up to become a VMP member so you can get a copy of the vinyl this August. If you join by August 15, it automatically comes as part of your subscription.

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