The Strokes Return With A New Album And Their New Song ‘OBLIVIUS’

Earlier on Thursday, we heard that Julian Casablancas was going to debut a new Strokes single on his new SiriusXM radio show, Culture Void, later in the day. It was to be the first new music we would be hearing from The Strokes’ upcoming album Future Present Past, their first effort since 2013. Now, the single, entitled “Oblivius,” has dropped, and there’s some new music from the New York rockers for us to listen to.

The song, which is available to stream on Casablancas’ Cult Records website, sounds like a Strokes song reminiscent of their breakout album Is This It?, with that throwback rock vibe, but it’s different enough to feel like they still have evolved from that decade-old sound. There’s a classic guitar solo here, but there’s also something of an electronic texture to it, and maybe there’s a Theremin? It sounds good, whatever it is.

On top of the release of “Oblivius,” the band put up a video on YouTube wherein they discuss the making of the album. While The Strokes are perhaps no longer the “it” band they once were, there’s good reason to be interested in Future Present Past based on what is to be heard here.