The Weeknd Continues To Tease His New Era With An ‘American Psycho’ And Kendrick Lamar Mashup

The Weeknd has made it clear that a new era is on the horizon, but so far all he’s done is tease the next installment of music with very specific clues. Abel initially began letting fans know that something new was on the way at the Billboard Music Awards when he cryptically said “the dawn is coming” during an acceptance speech. Then again, what else could come after After Hours but the dawn itself?

On Instagram today the R&B star seemed to reference his next phase again, with a comic book style image that shows Abel sleepily rubbing his eyes in bed while a butler of sorts opens the curtains saying “The dawn is here master Tesfaye.” The flip side of that fairly straightforward post is a clip from American Psycho where Christian Bale is walking through his office. In Tthe original, “Walking On Sunshine” is the music playing the background but for his post today Abel swapped it for something else, namely a clip from “Range Brothers” by Baby Keem featuring Kendrick Lamar.

Perhaps this means K. Dot will be prominently featured in the new music Abel is prepping. That’s a match up that would definitely be comic book worthy. Either way, keep your ears out for new music from The Weeknd, it’s coming soon.