Thundercat Offers A Look At His Character Poster From ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’

Last week, Thundercat fans who also love the Star Wars franchise (I’m sure there is a sizable overlap, considering the popularity of the galaxy far, far away) were delighted to see the jazz revivalist pop up in the latest episode of The Book Of Boba Fett as an underground cybernetics technician employed by the bounty hunter turned wannabe crime boss to save The Mandalorian‘s former bounty Fennec Shand from a gutshot. This week, those same fans have more reasons to be excited about Thundercat’s role after he shared the official poster for his character Mod Artist.

Considering the show has only released posters for those guest stars who have recurring roles on the show so far, it’s probably safe to assume that Mod Artist — and therefore Thundercat — will appear on the show again to support Boba’s growing criminal empire. In a fun plus for ‘Cat fans, the character features few prosthetics, letting him resemble his real-life counterpart rather than one of Star Wars‘ massive menagerie of interesting-looking aliens. But, true to his character’s job grafting machine parts to Tattooine’s punk youth, Mod Artist sports a droid arm with attachments including a buzz saw and various probes that help him in his work.

While it remains to be seen how the character will fit into the show’s grand scheme, there’s no doubt it’s a dream come true for the sci-fi-loving Thundercat, who has referenced all kinds of Star Wars-adjacent work in his musical output.