T.I. And Killer Mike Don Protective Gear And Pass Out Meals In Their Atlanta Community

T.I. and Killer Mike have committed to helping out their Atlanta community in any way they can during the pandemic. Tip and Mike recently sported gloves and masks to post up outside their restaurant to hand out over 500 meals to families affected by the coronavirus.

TIp and Mike partnered with the community organization PAWkids and have committed to donating 1,000 meals each week to families in the area. They kicked off the partnership Wednesday and handed out meals in brown paper bags alongside volunteers, all while snapping photos with fans.

In an interview Tip posted to social media, the rapper said he has a “sincere passion” to give back to his community. “To participate in business in this community and not give back is a travesty,” he said. “So, we’ve always had genuine and sincere passion to feel together. This is just one of the many ways we intend to do so.”

Mike echoed Tip’s message, saying that they aim to support organizations like PAWkids: “This is really what it’s about. It’s about us supporting the organizations that make sure this can happen even when celebrities don’t show up. Every single day the neighbors are taking care of one another.”

The rappers went into business together to purchase the Bankhead Seafood Market restaurant back in 2018 after it closed. Mike told GPB News that he had grown up eating there and had many fond memories of the place. He didn’t want to see it permanently shut down, so he and T.I. bought the place and opened up operations. “T.I. and I went in and bought a business and wanted to keep it going. And in the middle of that, a pandemic happened,” he said. “So, whether money is being made the priority is human beings and people. People need to eat.”