Tierra Whack Turns Into A Porpoise In The Bizarre ‘Body Of Water’ Video From Her New ‘Pop?’ EP

Tierra Whack’s new EP may be called Pop? but the Philly-bred star certainly shows off some impressive rap skills on its three new songs. The EP, a follow-up to her previously released Rap?, makes use of some lighter production styles to convey its theme, adopting a pop-rock guitar riff on “Lazy,” a mellow folk-pop tune on “Dolly,” and a high-speed techno-inspired dance beat on “Body Of Water.” Throughout, she demonstrates her singing abilities, but on the latter, she rhymes at warp speed between the sung choruses, reminding fans why she earned her spot on the 2019 XXL Freshman Class.

“Body Of Water” is also the song that receives the music video treatment of the three, once again demonstrating Whack’s wild sense of humor and commitment to delivering eye-popping imagery every time. While it’s probably moot to call a Tierra Whack video “weird” at this point — remember the talking potatoes in “Unemployed“? — this one is definitely surreal and strange, as a group of people get transformed into porpoises after drinking, showering, or playing in water saturated with some sort of mutagen. Whack herself lounges luxuriously in a cozy living room in a couture ensemble that highlights her impeccable fashion sense before stepping into the pool outside — and growing a dolphin tail herself. Like I said: Weird.

Good things come in threes, so we can only hope that Tierra’s comeback will continue with another themed three-pack of new music and if so, we can’t wait to see which genre she tackles next.

Watch Tierra Whack’s “Body Of Water” video above and listen to the Pop? EP here.