Tinashe Invites Rising EDM Producer Tarro To Remix Her And 6lack’s ‘Touch & Go’

In late 2019, Tinashe released her first independent album, Songs For You, after securing her release from RCA Records. The album was well-received by both critics and fans as it marked a return to moody R&B form for the “2 On” singer, as well as a maturing of her sound. Today, Tinashe released a video for the album’s 11th track, “Touch & Go” featuring 6lack, but added a twist: the video is for a remixed version of the track produced by burgeoning 22-year-old EDM star Tarro.

Tarro’s remix transforms the sensuous bedtime ballad into an all-out pop jam, while the video gives Tinashe the space to showcase her penchant for avant-garde fashions and passionate choreography. Shot in front of an elaborate array of LED screens, Tinashe vamps for the camera in a green gown as images of cityscapes and tour footage zoom by behind her, staging an eye-popping light show while she sings of a wishy-washy lover who just can’t seem to make up his mind.

Earlier this year, Tinashe was among the first artists to begin to perform live from her quarantine quarters, highlighting her skill at seeking out innovations in music. Her reaching out to Tarro continues that trend and may just help launch the young producer to further stardom. Tinashe has made something of a habit of remixing Songs For You tracks as well; last Friday, she shared Zhu’s remix of her Ms. Banks-featuring single, “Die A Little Bit.”

Watch Tinashe’s “Touch & Go (Remix)’ video with 6lack and Tarro above.