Tory Lanez Is Being Sued For Foreclosure On His Miami Condo

Canadian singer and rapper Tory Lanez is being sued for foreclosure on his Miami condo. According to legal documents obtained by Radar Online, Lanez is being accused of defaulting on payments of a loan provided by BH 4908 LLC for $1.26 million.

Lanez first purchased the condo through a mortgage loan in 2018. According to the terms of the loan, Lanez was to pay $11,057.40 on a monthly basis, followed by one large balloon payment in December 2021. Lanez allegedly failed to make the balloon payment and now reportedly owes $1,237,456.06 that is due on the loan, plus interest.

According to BH 4908, Lanez still lives in the condo. BH 4908 is demanding the court allow them to foreclose on the home and sell it to the highest bidder. They also demand Lanez pay any difference between the amount the home is sold for and the amount owed.

Additionally, Lanez is set to appear in court in Los Angeles on April 5 for his alleged role in the Megan The Stallion shooting.

He also faces two separate suits in Florida for allegedly assaulting Love And Hip-Hop: Miami star Prince Michael Harty outside of a South Beach club, as well as one by a man who claimed to be disfigured as part of a car crash by a vehicle owned by Lanez. Lanez was not driving the vehicle at the time.

Megan Thee Stallion is a Warner Music artist. .