Travis Scott Has Hidden Astroworld Tickets In Variety Packs Of His Cacti Seltzer

Travis Scott might not want to be considered a “brand” or to “market” himself but at this point, it seems like every move he makes is selling something. His 2021 Astroworld Festival reportedly sold out in under an hour, and his Cacti spiked seltzer has become an instant best-seller at retailers all across the country.

So it should come as no surprise that the one-man brand is practicing a bit of corporate synergy to (ahem) spike sales of his spiked seltzer by taking a page out of Willy Wonka’s playbook. Starting today, fans will be able to secure entry to Astroworld Festival by finding one of 100 cans of Cacti that will unlock two tickets — a la Wonka’s golden tickets granting entry to the fabled chocolate factory. The cans are hidden inside 9-count variety packs of Cacti; they’re strawberry, decorated in custom Astroworld decorations, and signed by Travis himself.

Finding a can will allow fans to claim the tickets online, and Travis is also holding sweepstakes for some fans to win tickets digitally.

Intriguingly, the Astroworld Festival still has yet to announce a lineup for the event in November. That probably won’t stop Travis’ enthusiastic fans from pursuing those golden ticket cans; 2020 saw Travis’ prior partnership with McDonald’s become so successful it lifted the fast-food giant out of a historic sales slump.

For more info on Astroworld Festival, visit the official website.