Travis Scott Got Autographs From Carmelo Anthony And Kobe Bryant As A Ballboy For The Rockets

When Travis Scott appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night to talk about the McDonald’s meal named after him, the conversation took an unexpected turn. Scott wound up answering questions about his time as a Houston Rockets ballboy growing up — and the rules he broke when he got autographs from superstars Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant.

“We wasn’t too much of a star-studded team at that time,” Scott admitted. “We weren’t supposed to talk to star athletes, but one day, Melo gave me his headband, signed his headband.” Travis downplayed his time working for the organization, telling Kimmel he doesn’t talk about it much now that he’s got friends in the NBA, but that he does have some exciting mementos. “I met Kobe there and he signed a ball for me.”

Scott refused to answer questions about the sorts of errands ballboys would run for players, or which players tipped the best, citing the “player/ballboy code of honor.” “Shout out all my ballboys out there,” he joked. “Y’all know what’s going down, man. Hold it down for the team players… We never tell.”

Scott also answered questions about his action figure collection (Kimmel is now the proud owner of Travis’ collaborative figure with McDonald’s), how his McDonald’s collaboration came about, and whether he had to get tested for coronavirus after being swarmed by fans at the oldest McDonald’s in the country (yes, he did).

Watch Travis Scott’s full interview with Jimmy Kimmel above.