Travis Scott Performed (And DJ’d) At A Coachella Afterparty Despite Being Dropped From The Lineup

There’s not really a roadmap for getting your rap career back on track after a crowd-control incident at one of your concerts leaves ten people dead, but Travis Scott is attempting to create one. Despite being dropped from the Coachella lineup this past December following the previous month’s Astroworld tragedy, Scott performed at an afterparty, according to reports from TMZ and E!.

At a La Quinta, California function, about ten minutes away from the Empire Polo Club, where Coachella’s Saturday night festivities headlined by Billie Eilish were wrapping up, Scott reportedly grabbed the mic at 3 a.m. and even got behind the turntables. The party was put on by the David Arquette-owned West Hollywood club Bootsy Bellows and a source at the party told E!, “Travis got in the DJ booth with the DJ Chase B. He played the bangers but ‘Goosebumps’ was the crowd please [sic].”

This is the second time Scott has performed since the Astroworld tragedy, as he made an appearance at a pre-Oscars event last month. He’s not exactly keeping a low profile anymore, as a series of four billboards promoting his upcoming album/project Utopia appeared on the Interstate-5 road to Coachella last week. The four billboards each read a part of a phrase that when put together read: “PSST……Looking for UTOPIA? WRONG WAY,” and then the fourth billboard just featured the logo for Scott’s label Cactus Jack.