It Looks Like Travis Scott May Become A ‘Fortnite’ Skin Soon

It looks like the connection between the gaming and hip-hop worlds is about to become even stronger soon. Yesterday, a Fortnite fan account on Twitter, @HYPEX, posted a photo it purports to be a leaked character skin based on Houston, TX rapper Travis Scott. While rappers have long been fans of the game, with Drake joining a livestream on Twitch and Lil Yachty doing a song for the game with Murda Beatz, this would be the first time players could actually join the game as one of their favorite performers with this Travis Scott character model.

Of course, even though Fortnite counts Chance The Rapper, Logic, and Trippie Redd among its fans and its one of the most-mentioned games in hip-hop music, not every rapper enjoys the game. Vince Staples notoriously eschews the more lighthearted shooter in favor of the hardcore run-and-gun gameplay of the Call Of Duty series, a position with which Offset agrees. Post Malone famously said he “hates” the game and lamented how many of his peers seem so enamored of it. And 2 Milly sued Fortnite‘s publisher Epic Games for royalties after the game used his “Milly Rock” dance as a purchasable “emote” that players could add to their avatars and trigger in gameplay.

However, if Travis Scott really is going to be a part of the game, he’d have to get paid for his likeness which is covered under copyright law, unlike dance moves. And if that deal turns out to be lucrative for La Flame, don’t be surprised if even Vince and Offset turn up in the game, ready to swing those pickaxes and contributing a “where we dropping, boys” to the game’s library of sound effects.