There’s One Way That Trevor Noah Would Like To See The Grammys Change

It was just announced that Trevor Noah will host the Grammys for the third consecutive year in 2023. In an interview with Billboard, he talked about how hosting the 2021 Grammy Awards made him a bigger fan of Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, but he also discussed some things he’d like to see change.

“A lot of what I would suggest is what I’ve heard [Recording Academy CEO] Harvey [Mason Jr.] talk about: trying to create a Grammys where the music reflects the awards show and the awards show reflects the music,” he said in that same interview. “Oftentimes [with] awards shows, there may be a disconnect between the general public who are consuming music and the people who are voting on the music. It’s important for every awards show [that] wishes to maintain its relevance to understand that difference. The audience isn’t wrong in having different tastes or a preference on whom they wish to see. I think in music as a whole, you have to acknowledge that, and the Grammys has, albeit slowly.”

He continued, “Think of hip-hop finally being included way back in the day. It’s important for the awards to always consider what is making an impact in the world because there is no music that is better than another if people are enjoying it. There may be music that producers will enjoy more than the average person on the street, there may be music that travels the globe and does really well regardless of the language that it’s performed in.”