Trina Celebrates The Release Of Her First Album In Almost Ten Years With ‘BAPS’ Featuring Nicki Minaj

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Trina is back with her first new album since 2010’s Amazin’, and rightly recruits one of rap’s reigning regents to assist on the first single. “BAPS,” featuring Nicki Minaj, takes its title from the 1997 comedy of the same name which celebrated the rags-to-riches tale of a pair of “Black American Princesses” who go from waitressing at a soul food diner in Decatur to living large in Beverly Hills. Naturally, Trina and Nicki take on similar roles, praising their own, similar journeys from “hood rat chicks” to being on top of the game, with the wealth to live a lavish lifestyle.

The song borrows its catchy hook from “Project Bitch,” the anthemic theme song from Cash Money Millionaires‘ 2000 self-produced drama film Baller Blockin‘. It also contains a sneaky sample from Pac-Man, which is a fun thing to catch when listening to a song about “scamming n—-s” for a lot of money. The bouncy beat is a throwback to the heyday of 1990s Southern rap, with cartoony blasts of brass and snapping snares, giving Trina and Nicki the perfect backdrop for their ratchet lyrical antics.

Trina’s new album, The One, is due for release this Friday on Penalty Entertainment LLC./ RMG. It will feature appearances from 2 Chainz, DJ Khaled, and Lil Wayne, and highlight a bevy of burgeoning female rap talent, including LightSkinKeisha, Molly Brazy, and Tokyo Jetz, who hails from Trina’s hometown of Miami.