Samuel L. Jackson Reminisced About The Time His Wife, LaTanya Richardson, Scolded Tupac For Swearing

Tupac is one of the most esteemed rappers in hip-hop history, which can sometimes overshadow the fact that in the years leading up to his death, he was working on a flourishing acting career. His first starring role was in 1992’s Juice, which had a cast featuring Omar Epps, Samuel L. Jackson, and LaTanya Richardson Jackson. The latter two have been married since 1980, and in a recent interview, Samuel looked back at the time LaTanya came down on Tupac for swearing.

On Sway In The Morning, Samuel told the story: “My wife was on that film, she was the chubby kid’s [Eric ‘Steel’ Thurman] mom. I guess ‘Pac was walking through a room one day and he was cussin’ somebody out. My wife grabbed him and was like, ‘Young man, you see all these women sitting in here? You can’t be in here cursin’!’ Everybody in the room was like, ‘[shocked gasp].’ And he looked at her and was like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, ma’am.’ […] Everybody in the room was like, ‘Do you know who that was?’ She was like, ‘No! I have no idea who he was, but he shouldn’t have been cursing in front of all these women in this room.’ From that point on, every time he saw her, he was like, ‘Hey mom, how you doin’?'”

Check out the video above.