Chance The Rapper Praises FX’s Tupac Documentary As The ‘Best’ He’s Seen ‘Without Exaggeration’

After FX aired its recent documentary, Dear Mama: The Saga Of Afeni & Tupac Shakur, other musicians are chiming in with their thoughts about the portrayal of the late musician. One of which is Chance The Rapper, who took to Twitter to express his love for the series.

“Did y’all watch the Tupac & Afeni Shakur documentary series yet?” Chance said. “What’s y’all honest thoughts? Cause I would say without exaggeration or hyperbole it’s probably the best documentary I’ve ever seen.”

And many seemed to agree with his assessment, as the show held a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes earlier this month, according to HipHopDX. The series has five parts and kicked off on April 21, exploring the relationship between Tupac and his mother. It also became the channel’s most-watched unscripted program in its history.

“I was glad to see a documentary that included Afeni’s story,” one fan replied to Chance’s post. “I’ve always felt that Tupac can be difficult to understand unless you know about the person that raised him. And to see how the struggle within the Black Panthers mirrored the struggle within 90s hip hop was incredible.”

“In the final episode they insinuated things about Death Row scheming on Tupac without elaborating which was disingenuous I feel,” another added. “But in whole it was the best Tupac documentary ever made.”

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