Tyla Wants The Party To Go ‘On And On’ During Her Chill Live Performance On ‘A Colors Show’

Tyla is continuing her busy year by making an appearance on A Colors Show to perform a unique spin of her sing “On And On.” With just a dangling microphone in the room, it gives her vocals a crisp, crystal-clear sound that shows off just how talented she is.

“Let’s take it back in time / Party like it’s ’95,” she sings in the pre-chorus, making it a chill take on the carefree anthem. “I just wanna dance all night / You know that I like it like that / Let’s take it back in time / When the Parties were like ’95 / I just wanna dance all night / Tell them, ‘Turn the lights out.'”

The track has been rumored to be included on her forthcoming self-titled debut album, which has been suspected to be dropping in early 2024. At the very least, she has new music coming. Tyla made waves through the success of her song, “Water.”

“As soon as I heard ‘Water,’ I said, ‘It’s over.’ We have the song,” she told Rolling Stone about the experience of appreciating her song on first listen. “I would describe ‘Water’ as the song of the year… it’s the sound of Africa. It’s not only for Africa, but it’s for the world… It’s literally me [bringing] Africa to the world.”

Check out Tyla’s new “On And On” performance above.