Tyler The Creator Got A Chain Worth $500K Made Based On One Of His New Nicknames

Fans who tuned into Tyler The Creator’s new album Call Me If You Get Lost may have noticed that, as opposed to the more tender sentiments expressed on his last two collections, this project featured much more materialistic subject matter than usual (I consider this a good thing). According to TMZ, this newfound ballerific intent isn’t just confined to the lyrics on the new album, as Tyler’s new chain based on his nickname from the album set him back half a million dollars.

It’s a tiny, multicolored bellhop — yes, Tyler chooses to have people call him one of those hotel guys who carry your bags, which… actually makes sense, considering how much he loves bags — covered in yellow, pink, red, and green gems, including diamonds and sapphires. Per TMZ, it contains 23,515 hand-set stones comprising 186 carats in diamonds and 60 carats in sapphires, while the little suitcases actually open and close. It was designed by jeweler Alex Moss, with whom Tyler worked on the piece for around seven months. The idea was sparked then, with around four of those months dedicated to actually acquiring the stones (I would love to see a movie about this, a la Uncut Gems).

You can spot Ty rocking the chain in his video for “Juggernaut,” as well as in shots from the red carpet of the BET Awards, where he performed “Lumberjack” amid a simulated windstorm.