Tyler The Creator Dunked On A Fan Who Didn’t Understand Sample Credits And Implied Tyler Doesn’t Write His Own Music

A brand new Tyler The Creator freestyle was thrust into the spotlight today when a fan misinterpreted the song’s credits and tried to imply Tyler doesn’t write his own music. Though the rapper has been abundantly clear throughout his career just how involved he is in the entire process, from verses, to production, to orchestration and feature selection, one fan was upset by the list of names that preceded Tyler on the freestyle.

The “Lost And Found Freestyle 2019” features both Tyler and ASAP Rocky laying down bars alongside Nigo on a track off the hip-hop legends first album in close to 20 years, I Know Nigo! Since the song samples both “3 Kings” and “Like a Boss” by Slim Thug, along with production from The Neptunes, those names are added to the song’s credits, and then lists Tyler and Rocky after them. But all those names in front of Tyler led a fan to claim “everyone in the industry is a robot.”

“You big f*cking dummy,” Tyler wrote. “first beat is 3KINGS by slim thug which the produces had to credit the writers of the song they sampled, second half is LIKE A BOSS by slim and they credited the producers for that as well, then u have the two credits of the rappers u bozo, think first.”

Tyler has since deleted his tweet, but Complex preserved his pristine dunk, which, honestly? Seems pretty justified given the circumstances. Check out the “Lost And Found Freestyle 2019” up top, and give credit where credit is due.