Tyler The Creator Responds After His Golf Store Was Damaged During LA Protests

Protests continue across the country following the death of George Floyd, and some of them have led to damaged buildings. News footage shows that among those buildings is Tyler The Creator’s Golf store in Los Angeles, parts of which have been covered in spray paint. However, Tyler doesn’t seem to be overly bothered by it.

Yesterday, the Golf Wang Instagram account posted a 1969 photo of members of the Black Panther party and wrote, “BLACK FURY: keep your eyes wide and educate yourself. ( black panther party, 1969).” They also added in the comments, “and the store is fine, but even if it wasnt, this is bigger than getting some glass fixed and buffing spray paint off, understand what really needs to be fixed out here. stay safe, love.”

Tyler showed his support for protesters over the weekend. On Twitter, he shared a photo of people in the streets and wrote, “beeee safe out huur.” He and Jasper were also seen protesting in Los Angeles together. He also took to his Instagram Story to share a video post of the man who brought a bow and arrow to a Salt Lake City protest and allegedly aimed it at protestors.

In related news, the music industry is set to participate in a “black out” tomorrow in response to the Floyd situation.