Tyler The Creator Loved Kanye West’s Original ‘Life Of The Party’ Before It Was A Drake Diss

In case you missed it, Drake and Kanye West don’t currently have a thriving interpersonal relationship. The pair is beefing at the moment, and as part of that, Drake premiered an unreleased West song while guest-hosting Sound 42, his SiriusXM radio show on the OVO Sound channel. Furthermore, the track, titled “Life Of The Party,” included some shots at Drake.

The song apparently existed in other forms before it became targeted at the Toronto rapper, since Tyler The Creator says he heard an earlier version of the song. He was a big fan of it, too, as he exalted it on Twitter yesterday, writing, “man i heard life of the party a few months back and lost my mind. song is beautiful man i want to eat it. very anita baker styled progression. original verse was so warm and true. pretty.”

It appears the song has had free real estate in Tyler’s head for the past few days: Last weekend, he quoted some lines for it on Twitter and showed love to Andre 3000’s performance on the track. The admiration is mutual, as Andre wrote in a statement about the song after it leaked, “I just want to work with people that inspire me. Hopefully I can work with Kendrick [Lamar] on his album. I’d love to work with Lil’ Baby, Tyler and Jay-Z. I respect them all.”