U2 And Bono Turn The Tables On Trump During Their Performance At The iHeartRadio Festival

Could we be on the cusp of a new era of Zoo TV? Probably not, but veteran rock outfit U2 pulled from their old multimedia playbook to send a message to America this election season. That message? U2 isn’t particularly nutty about this Donald Trump character they’ve heard so much about.

Among the wheelings and dealings that went down at this weekend’s iHeartRadio Music Festival was a performance from U2 (the band that hides in your phone™) that included a novel tweak of Trump’s controversial political approach. Woven into the band’s deployment of the FM rock radio staple “Desire” are clips from a highly scrutinized Trump speech where he encouraged black videos to vote for him because “what do you have to lose?” The band’s rebuttal is essentially “everything” with Bono countering a Trump soundbite of “the American Dream is dead” with the declaration “The American Dream is alive!” Visuals of gambling to go with the Las Vegas setting make an appearance as well because everything set in Vegas is required be law to include a gaming motif.

We have footage of U2 vs. Trump nestled above to watch whenever you like. No word yet on if U2’s potato man agrees with the band’s anti-Trump stance.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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