Miley Cyrus Popped By The iHeartRadio Festival For A Surprise ‘Rebel Yell’ Duet With Billy Idol

On Friday night, The Tongue aligned forces with The Sneer. No, that’s not a sex thing. That’s our way of communicating that Billy Idol and Miley Cyrus apparently have each other’s phone numbers.

Miley was the surprise guest of Billy Idol during his iHeartRadio Music Festival set at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena. Sporting an ensemble that paid enthusiastic tribute to Idol, Miley and Idol duetted on the ’80s classic “Rebel Yell.” Idol was clearly having a ball sharing the stage with Miley (as rock stars of a certain age tend to do) as he was often all smiles while his partner kept her game face on co-piloting the tune. Mind you, Miley’s quite familiar with the song. She busted out her cover of it for a VH1 Divas concert. Anyhoobastank, it’s loads of fun to watch (Miley’s got a pottymouth, doesn’t she?) and serves as a nice showcase for what we presume is advancements in vegan leather.

The iHeartRadio Music Festival will be shifting into Night 2 this evening with a lineup that includes the likes of Sting, Usher, Britney Spears, Tears For Fears, Pitbull and Ariana Grande. We like to imagine they’ll all carpool to the venue in a rented Chevrolet Astro.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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