Birds Sing And Dance Along To US Girls’ Cool Disco In The Video For Their Latest Single ‘Rosebud’

Today US Girls has released the fourth single from her upcoming album, In A Poem Unlimited. You can watch the video for “Rosebud” above.

The video treatment for the song draws parallels between a man and his bird, both with a similar sense of color and lifestyle, viewing the outside world from the safety of a cage.

With a guitar line that sounds hot off a Spinners single, Remy and company have crafted a cool, detached disco that’s rife with strings, barely-there synths and a shuffling electronic drum beat. It’s a sophisticated combination of the live instrumentation Remy solicited from Toronto-based nine-piece band, The Cosmic Range, with her more electronic leanings still shining through as it’s never quite clear what’s being sampled and what’s not.

“Rosebud” follows the release of three previous singles from the upcoming In A Poem Unlimited, which we named one of our most anticipated albums of 2018. “Pearly Gates,” “Velvet 4 Sale” and “Mad As Hell.”


1. “Velvet 4 Sale”
2. “Rage Of Plastics”
3. “Mad As Hell”
4. “Why Do I Lose My Voice When I Have Something To Say”
5. “Rosebud”
6. “Incidental Boogie”
7. “L-Over”
8. “Pearly Gates”
9. “Poem”
10. “Traviata”
11. “Time”

In A Poem Unlimited is out on 2/16 on 4AD. You can pre-order it here.