Premiere: Watch Van William’s Intoxicatingly Chaotic Video For ‘Before I Found You’

[protected-iframe id=”7edabc1a72c3cb0268c459c7f960017f-60970621-76566046″ info=”” width=”640″ height=”390″]

The opening track of Countries, Van Pierszalowski’s debut album under the name Van William, is a bold and guileless recollection of the honeymoon stage of love. We’re premiering the video to accompany that track, “Before I Found You,” today, and it’s as vivid as the song itself, a theatrical documentation of the melodramatic highs and lows of love, dramatizing the way our surroundings wildly intensify when we first bestow our affections.

Shot on grainy, gold-tinted, heavily saturated film, the “Before I Found You” video is as elusive and wispy as our hearts and heads become in the presence of heightened feelings. Everything seems to blur out as only you and your lover come into focus, like you’re running away from everything and it’s just the two of you dancing in a desert. But of course, that isn’t sensible, as a lot of love tends not to be, and there’s desolation lying on the horizon.

When describing the video, Van William said,

“Before I Found You” is about that earth-shattering drug-like love-buzz you experience at the beginning of falling for someone. It’s chaotic and intoxicating, but you know it has to end. I always thought the characters of Sailor and Lula in David Lynch’s turbulent masterwork Wild At Heart reflected that dynamic, so I wanted this video to mirror their aesthetic. I also knew I wanted the Spanish artist Silvia Grav to direct, as her style or work can reveal the complexities in seemingly glossy subjects, such as young love.

Watch the video for “Before I Found You” above.