Vince Staples Is Donating All The Proceeds From His GoFundMe Campaign To A Long Beach Library

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When Vince Staples started a GoFundMe account to challenge his haters to fund his retirement or “Get The F*ck Off My D*ck,” the $2 million price tag made it unlikely to reach its goal in the first place. In fact, many believed that despite being an excellent troll in itself, Vince was probably using the campaign to fund some form of charitable outreach for his hometown of Long Beach, CA and as it happens, that’s exactly what he’s done.

Vince logged onto Twitter this afternoon to announce that because the GoFundMe campaign was so far off from its goal, he was shutting it all down — for good this time. However, rather than taking the money and running off or using it to pay bills, Vince announced he was refunding all the donations. Not only that, but he would match the total donation as a charitable contribution to Michelle Obama Library in North Long Beach. The recently built library opened in 2016 and provides state of the art computers and mobile printing, as well as a community room and a classroom.

“Seeing as we clearly won’t reach our goal of 2 million dollars, I am cancelling the gofundme and refunding all the little people with big voices. I expect to hear no further slander,” Vince tweeted. “I am also personally matching the donations made and donating the full amount to the Michelle Obama library of Norf Long Beach… in honor of you citch ass niggas. I love you all, good day. #gtfomd”

While Vince’s abrasive style may not be for everyone, you’ve got to admit the kid has class. Rather than simply complaining about his haters, he used them to deliver an object lesson in sticking to your guns and giving back, not just once or twice, but three times, with a contribution likely to have a lasting impact of kids’ lives for a good, long while.