Quavo And His QC Comrades Let Their Sports Cars Speak For Themselves In His ‘Lamb Talk’ Video

If you’re not able to see Quavo on his Three Amigos tour with Drake – or he hasn’t come around yet – then at least you have new visuals. Today, Quavo released the video for “Lamb Talk,” one of the singles from his triad of singles he deemed the Huncho Bubba EP. The three-pack of songs was paired with a trailer that showed Huncho scootin’ through the city in a Lamborghini, which may have been a clip from the “Lamb Talk” video. The flashy video shows a fleet of high-powered sports cars cruising through the dark streets of Atlanta.

They then end up in a smoky warehouse. The scenery makes one long for an action scene ala their “Stir Fry” video, but that doesn’t take place. It’s just Quavo and Migos having fun in their whips as Quavo. The video exemplifies the Migos bond and why they’ll have staying power. They weathered the “Quavo should go solo” talk, and when he finally did release a solo EP, his comrades are right there along with him in the video for a single. That’s probably why Quavo triumphantly rhymes, “QC the new Cash Money records now.” That’s a weighty statement, but with bangers like “Lamb Talk” and the Huncho Bubba EP it may be debatable one day.