What Does Nicki Minaj’s ‘FTCU’ Mean?

From the launch of her seemingly multiple-reality world Gag City, to the plethora of sound effects in her arsenal, Nicki Minaj is a wealth of insider secrets that only true Barbz understand. However, if you plan on attending any of the 37 Pink Friday 2 World Tour dates, you should become hip to the lingo.

Nicki’s record-setting album, Pink Friday 2, for the most part, isn’t a difficult concept to understand, but there’s one track that might have some confused: Users online want to know what Nicki Minaj’s “FTCU” means.

What Does Nicki Minaj’s “FTCU” Mean?

In short, the ATL Jacob-produced single gets its name from an African American Vernacular English (AAVE) saying. “F*ck the club up,” or the acronym FTCU, is a common expression used to detail just how wild a person is going to party or let loose during a social gathering. (Minaj’s song, though, says “f*ck this club up.”)

This concept isn’t new by any means. Last year, Latto, GloRilla, and the late Gangsta Boo dropped a track by the same name. However, Nicki put her own spin on it. Instead of sampling Three 6 Mafia’s 1995 song “Tear Da Club Up,” Nicki pulls from Waka Flocka’s 2010 track “F*ck The Club Up.”

While Latto focuses on nightlife on her respective track, for Nicki, the rap game is where she wants to cause havoc. “Yo, I tell ’em that I’m the Sleeze, they tellin’ me, ‘Okay, prove it’ / I leave these b*tches on read, so now they know that they blew it / I tell ’em I’m movin’ units, my videos, they gon’ view it / Spotify ain’t gotta lie, they really streamin’ my music / I give b*tches the crown, thеy f*ck around and lose it, nah / I am the wave, I only wavе when I’m tellin’ ’em bye / B*tch, we ain’t twinnin’, ain’t fraternal or identical / When I’m around, b*tch, you know you become invisible.”

Nicki Minaj’s “FTCU” is a cleverly positioned jab at the cliques formed by other women in rap.

Pink Friday 2 is out now via Republic. Find more information here.