What Is Shareplay On Apple Music?

Music is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. This is the mission behind one of Apple Music’s newer features. Typically, near the end of the year, the focus is on year-end recap features. For Apple Music, that’s Replay, whereas Spotify has Wrapped. But if you plan to travel for the holiday season by car, Apple Music users will want to tap into Shareplay. So, what is Shareplay on Apple Music?

Similar to Apple Music Sing, Shareplay was invented as an interactive experience. Essentially, Shareplay, together with Apple Music, is a tool that allows multiple users to control the music in a capable vehicle. Instead of relying on one person, oftentimes the driver, to curate the tunes for a car ride, Shareplay grants several individuals the opportunity to contribute to what plays over the Soundsystem via Apple Play.

It is important to note that to access SharePlay within a vehicle, the driver that begins the music experience via their iPhone must be on the iOS 17 system or later. Also, you must have an active Apple Music subscription to host a SharePlay session.

However, according to Apple, for those joining an ongoing Shareplay session, you won’t need an Apple Music subscription to join a SharePlay session in the car. Find more information here.