When Does The Weeknd Come To ‘Fortnite?’

In recent years, Epic Games has really ramped up its efforts to strengthen Fortnite‘s chokehold on pop culture, in part through the use of music stars appearing in the game as playable skins or performers in special events and virtual concerts. Most recently, Ed Sheeran, Kid Cudi, and Eminem have all found their way to the island, and soon, they’ll be joined by The Weeknd, who’ll also perform in the upcoming Fortnite Festival game mode.

When Does The Weeknd Come To Fortnite?

In a new trailer released this week, the skin for Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, can be seen as the star performs in a virtual concert — as well gameplay for the rhythm-based Fortnite Festival mode a la Rock Band (whose developers also made the new game) or Guitar Hero — in two different incarnation. While his After Hours persona is quickly highlighted, it looks like the big feature is Abel’s more recent, MF DOOM-inspired tour look, complete with a glimmering chrome mask and a white, robe-like hoodie.

The trailer also reveals when he’ll be available in the game: December 9. Fortnite Festival launches the same day, allowing players to play in a band for and with their friends. It sounds like a cool expansion on the core gameplay, especially as Fortnite attracts a larger and larger audience (who may not all want to shoot each other all the time).

Check out the trailer for Fortnite Festival above.