When Will Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Movie Be On Digital?

Beyoncé’s Renaissance: A Film By Beyoncé has been bringing the concert experience to theaters for a few days now, as fans have been packing out seats to go see it. Since the excitement hasn’t died down yet, those who haven’t been able to make it to the movies might be wondering when they’ll be able to watch it digitally.

Here’s what to know.

When Will Beyoncé’s Renaissance Movie Be On Digital?

Right now, there isn’t an exact date for when Beyoncé will put the Renaissance concert film out as a digital option. According to Forbes, she will be playing it in theaters, through her exclusive deal with AMC, for at least four weekends (Thursday through Sunday) from its premiere on December 1. The publication notes that New Year’s Day (January 1, 2024) is the soonest possible option if she doesn’t wait.

It really is up to Queen Bey herself when fans will be able to buy and watch the film as a digital option — but they’ll still be waiting with anticipation for whenever it happens. As for streaming, that possibility will be even further down the release line, if at all.

To find where Beyoncé’s movie is playing in theaters, along with more information, visit her website.