Why Are Sukihana And JT Beefing?

Seems like it’s beefing season in the rap world. While Kendrick Lamar and Drake have been at each other’s throats for the past few weeks, other rappers aren’t mincing words with each other. Today (May 8) rapper Sukihana released “Cocaine,” on which, Suki accuses JT of City Girls of using the titular drug. She also has some other scathing bars for JT and her boyfriend, Lil Uzi Vert.

While the beef has fans divided, many are confused as to when and how the beef began.

Why are Sukihana and JT beefing?

Neither Suki nor JT have explained why they’re at odds with each other. But shortly after the release of JT’s solo single “Okay,” a line seemed to strike a cord with Suki.

On “Okay,” JT raps “She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missin’/ Cheap ass veneers, you stay talkin’ sh*t/ Put a marker to this b*tch, she’s so counterfeit.”

At the time of the song’s release, Suki was in jail for possession of codeine and ecstasy, with intent to distribute. After her release, she took to Instagram live, and shared that people had been tagging her in posts featuring the song. After the fact, she immediately caught onto the “crab legs” line.

“We all know I did break my teeth on some crab legs,” said Suki. “I love crab legs, that’s normal sh*t. I posted it, it’s real sh*t and I’m living my truth. But I don’t talk sh*t about b*tches. I always show b*tches love. Never hate on a b*tch. Never call a b*tch names.”

JT is currently gearing up to drop her solo debut project City Cinderella.