Wild Pink Shared A Nostalgic New Song, ‘Coaches Who Cry,’ And Announced An EP Coming This Week

Wild Pink, whose newest record Yolk In The Fur was named one of our best albums of 2018, have released their first new single of 2019, “Coaches Who Cry.” The song is a warm and intimate collection of childhood memories. The five-minute track glows with remembered details of frontman John Ross’ childhood in Virginia, a specific portrait of Ross’ personal memories with enough space for listeners to remember their own youth as well.

In an interview with Billboard, Ross spoke about the memories that inspired the song. “The ending is about a memory I have of being really young, when on one particular Thanksgiving, all of our family, friends, and neighbors smoked turkeys in a smoker in our yard. It was snowing pretty hard and everyone seemed to be having a great time,” Ross said. “I grew up in a town that was small at the time and had a strong sense of community. Which I think informed the person I’ve become.”

“Coaches Who Cry” will be included on a five-song EP, aptly titled 5 Songs, coming this Friday via Tiny Engines. Three of the tracks on the EP are remixes, including one remix of a song from Ross’ side project Eerie Gaits, but the other two are new, unreleased music from Wild Pink.

Listen to Wild Pink’s new song “Coaches Who Cry” above.