Will Don Toliver Release A ‘Love Sick’ Deluxe Album?

Update: Yes. The deluxe edition of Love Sick is now streaming. That was quick, right?

In addition to his much-anticipated third studio album, as well as an accompanying short film, it appears we’re getting even more music from Don Toliver. Fresh off the release of his Love Sick album last Friday (February 24), Toliver has confirmed that a deluxe edition is on the way.

He revealed the news in the above tweet, where he also teased new music from Travis Scott, as well as the Cactus Jack crew. However, Toliver did not specify an exact release date.

Though, it appears the deluxe is coming sooner than we think. According to audio engineer 206Derek, who worked on Love Sick, the deluxe may arrive as early as today (February 28).

While it may seem like a quick turnaround time for a deluxe edition, it’s all part of Toliver’s plan to create a timeless catalog. He expressed to British GQ last year that he wants his music to be thought of among the greats.

“I want people to listen to my music and think it’s timeless,” Toliver said. “To think about Marvin Gaye, Sade, Jay-Z, and just listen again. All I strive for is to be in the conversation with some of the greatest of all time.”

In the mean time, you can stream Love Sick here, and watch the short film on Prime Video.

Don Toliver is a Warner Music artist. .