YG And Mustard Say They’re Donating $100,000 Worth Of Meals To Los Angeles Residents

Similar to DaBaby, who spent his Juneteenth trying to improve and make his mark on his hometown of Charlotte with an open discussion panel, YG and Mustard honored the holiday by delivering meals to residents in their Los Angeles hometown. The donation comes as the two artists teamed up with Postmates to make it happened.

In total, the partnership will result in $100,000 worth of meals delivered within the Los Angeles area. YG and Mustard spoke about the donation in a recent interview with Billboard. The donation comes after YG and Mustard recently acquired an equity stake in the Fishbone Seafood restaurants in addition to the Postmates partnership.

“I met one of the owners at a gas station, and he told me we should do business,” YG said to Billboard. “I called Mustard and told him about the opportunity, and he was ready to go.” Mustard then explained how he and YG hoped to ease the effects of the coronavirus on the community with their contributions.

“COVID-19 has hit Black and Brown communities the hardest,” Mustard said. “YG and I have not forgotten where we come from, and feel a duty to support those who are less fortunate and have been our biggest supporters from the beginning.”

YG and Mustard had $50,000 worth of food delivered to residents within the Postmates delivery radius on Friday while Fishbone restaurants provided healthy alternatives named after the rappers. Next week, the remaining $50,000 of meals will be given to a number of Los Angeles organizations including A New Way of Life, Hollywood Food Coalition, Midnight Mission, Watts Empowerment Center, Upward Bound House, and five St. John’s Well Child and Family clinics.

[via Billboard]