Young Buck & Afroman’s Teams Were Involved In A Huge Fight, And According To Afroman, It’s All Because Someone Got High

Afroman’s entire career is centered around his laid-back personality. However, he isn’t always afraid to get rowdy when the right occasion arises. Neither is his team. In video footage obtained by TMZ, members of Afroman’s team were involved in a huge fight with rapper Young Buck’s entourage. Just as with any other scenario surrounding Afroman’s life (police raid included), he took to social media to address the matter.

In a video posted on his personal page, Afroman implied that the altercation went down all because someone got high. The clip of Young Buck was overlayed with text that read, “Coke cane (cocaine) is a hellava (hell of a) drug.”

Afroman detailed what took place saying, “Went to do a show, the venue told me to be there at 9:20 pm when I got there, I had to wait because somebody was still on the stage. The venue had to close at 11 pm I was waiting with my social media photographer, my bodyguard, and my artist Lil Sodi when Young Bucc entered the room. I am anti-N-Word Young Bucc yells out f*cc all n-words who don’t do drugs. He was behaving hostile and aggressive.”

He went on to describe the incident, writing, “We were on the right side of the VIP section. He entered the room, going to the left side of the VIP section yelling all kind of insults. He changed his direction and walked bacc over 70 feet. He walked over to my social media photographer and, with a bacc hand struck him in the side of his stomach. Then he moved on over to Lil Sodi, calling him n words and telling him to do drugs as he was calling him the N-word. Young Bucc bacc handed Lil Sodi in the stomach. Lil Sodi thought he was really drunk, and he tried to checc him verbally with a shove. Young Bucc would not go away, and he kept advancing. So the altercation occurred.”